.30 caliber 165 gr RNFP EPOXY COATED

$ 16.00



We now offer epoxy coated rifle bullets !

.30 Round Nose Flat Point bullet sized to .309, .310 or .312. Please specify in message with order. Price $16 per 100 coated bullets.

Can be used in all .30 cal rifles and when sized to .310 or .312 in a variety of popular military surplus rifles, 7.62x54R, .303 British, 7.7 Jap and 7.65 Argentine. Good choice for the 30-30 Winchester sized to .309.100_3405100_3407

This bullet is coated with an epoxy that allows velocities in excess of 2000 FPS !  No leading, when we tested it all there was is typical powder fouling and a little epoxy residue at muzzle which cleaned up quick with a little solvent and bronze bore brush.

Price $16 per 100 coated bullets.