Frequently Asked Questions

Why use lead bullets?

Lead bullets are less expensive which means, literally, more bang for your buck! Cast lead bullets can be loaded to moderate velocities providing less recoil, greater accuracy and less wear on your barrel. For some hunting applications, lead bullets perform very well. Some forms of shooting competition require use of lead bullets, such as Cowboy Action Shooting.

Will your bullets lead my barrel?

The best answer for this is maybe. There are many variables concerning barrel leading. For revolvers, what is the condition of the forcing cone? Is the timing correct and tight? For all guns, what is the condition of the bore? Is it pitted or have evidence of copper jacket fouling? What velocity are you loading the cartridge to? What sort of bullet lube is used? Is the bullet sized correctly?  As example, we tested some of our Budget Bullet 45 Colt 250gr SWC Keith style bullets. Using our Colt New Service revolver with an excellent bore, we fired a little over 100 rounds at average 920fps. We found a very small amount of leading in the forcing cone area which was easily removed with a bronze bore brush. There are tools and solvents on the market which will remove leading from gun barrels. They can be purchased via mail order or though your local gun shop.

Should I use Hard Cast lead bullets?

It depends on what application you are loading for. For some use, such as black powder muzzle loaders, you will use a pure lead bullet. Black powder cartridge reloading can use a slightly harder bullet. For some hunting applications, a softer lead bullet is desired for expansion reasons. For use in auto loading pistols that do not feed smoothly or for high velocity cartridges, we offer our Hard Cast line of bullets. These are cast with alloy of 2% tin, 6% atimony and 92% lead. Brinell hardness is about 15-16. It costs a little more, but some shooters really like it. For most other applications we offer our Budget Bullet line. This uses our own alloy and measures 11-12 on the Brinell hardness scale. For velocities under 1100 fps, it works very well.

Do your product prices include shipping?

No. We usually ship USPS Flat Rate Priority. We have special shipping promotions at times. Right now orders of $75 and more get free shipping.

Do you ship outside of the USA?

Sorry, due to export regulations we cannot sell outside the US.

How long does it take to fill my order?

We try to ship in stock orders within 48 hours. Due to high demand since January 2013, we are running 2-3 weeks behind on delivery of regular production bullets not in stock. Special Bullets and Special orders are running 4-6 weeks delivery time. We Thank You for your patience and will strive to get your order to you as quickly as possible.

What form of payment do you accept?

We take major Credit Cards, Postal Money Orders and Personal checks. Credit Card and Postal Money Orders ship right away, checks must clear our bank before shipping, usually 5 days.

Can I shoot lead bullets out of my GLOCK pistol?

Glocks and some other pistols use polygonal rifling which can lead quickly. Glock does not recommend use of lead bullets in their pistols. Lone Wolf Manufacturing makes replacement barrels for Glocks which use a different rifling that does not lead so easily. Glock owners may want to consider this.

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